Aloha Tann ensures the finest quality brands.
Providing the most advanced, relaible, environmental and skin friendly products.

Australian Gold Indoor Tanning Lotions and Skincare Products. Australian Gold is a leading manufacturer of Indoor Tanning Lotions for 20 years with a reputation for superior bronzing power. With formulations to provide deep dark color, that moisturize and condition the skin for a long lasting golden tan.
California Tan is a leading manufacturer in the indoor tanning industry for the past 20 years. A top producer of cutting edge, innovative tanning products for all levels of tanners. You will find the perfect lotion for a golden glow and natural looking.
When searching for one of the top names for indoor tanning lotion, DESIGNER SKIN always comes to the top. The Leader in the tanning industry the past several years and for years to come, leading the way in achieving a natural looking tan.
Devoted Creations provides the very finest in aloe vera based products. Our customers deserve the choice of a higher quality moisturizing based product than the standard water based lotions most commonly found in our industry.
Hempz Products offer a full line of products that harness the natural benefits of Pure Natural Hemp Seed Oil that nourish, moisturize and condition hair and body. Herbal moisturizers that help protect against the effects of free radical damage, harmful UVA/UB rays, daily elements and sun exposure
SlimLine Body Care Products are easy to use. Made from the purest ingredients, each product can be used to enhance the benefits and allow for a variety of body curves services. Helps to cleanse dead surface cells leaving skin feeling smooth, glowing and helps other products efficacy. Use: Daily or the Day of your body wrap session.
Swedish Beauty Indoor Tanning Lotions. When looking for beautiful skin Swedish Beauty has all your Indoor tanning lotion products to cover you. The best Bronzers, Intensifers, and Moisturizer lotions to keep your Sunless golden glow an envy to all others. The Brand that started the Indoor Tanning Lotion Revolution.